About us

fifeThe first cat that came to our house, was a persian cat named Tiffany (black tortie) in 1989. With Tiffany we have participated on our first cat shows in Croatia and made the first steps into the cat world.

In 1993. we got our first two silver and golden shaded persians. These were the two brothers, Foenix and Felix from family Benzon from Karlovac, with which we were connected thanks to Mr. Karamatić Pero from Ivanić Grad.

In 1995 we have registered cattery “Od Kalnika” (named after the mountain near Križevci) with FIFe. From 2021. we are members of  “World Cat Federation” (WCF, KMFC).

That’s the story how we get involved with these beautiful breed – silver and golden shaded cats.

All our cats live with us as family members. For us and our breeding program, it is very important to have healthy cats and kittens. All of our cats have been PKD DNA tested, and the tests are negative.

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Family Jelenčić
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R. Hrvatska
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